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    To get the best results, don't be too specific at first. Think about how the item you seek might have been described in the past. If you want storms, for example, try searching storm. The search will automatically include storm, storms, stormy, storm-damaged and so on.

    Different words could also describe the same object or event. For example, storms might also include floods, (flood, floods, flooding, and flooded would all be found by flood) or could even include lightning, hail, wind, and so on.

    Light bulbs could also be covered by lamp (lamps). Hoovers could be vacuum cleaners (vacuum). Cleaners, cleaning and cleansing would all be found by searching clean. TV could be television. Heaters could be fires - so heat then fire would be the words to try in object search.

    When search results come in, you may find it more helpful to use detail view .

    Archive search also looks within the OCR digitised text of many magazines converted to PDF, so to identify the hit, you will need to download the magazine as a PDF, then use the 'find' feature in Adobe reader to pinpoint the word within its original context.